Port of the game JilJil for RetroFW-compatible Devices.

Updated 7 months ago

Feed2toot automatically parses RSS feeds, identifies new posts and posts them on the Mastodon social network. Forked from https://gitlab.com/chaica/feed2toot

Updated 5 months ago

Docker image to simplify the installation of the RetroFW Buildroot, allowing users to cross-compile software for RetroFW devices from their computer.

Updated 4 months ago

Source code of my website https://massivebox.net/

Updated 4 months ago

openpgp4fpr:9ED497F5C43FDA462AF084BC9B74D3A59181947D This is just a proof of identity for my Keyoxide. Check it out at https://keyoxide.org/wkd/box%40massivebox.net

Updated 2 months ago

Source code of https://ecodash.xyz

Updated 4 weeks ago

The simple way to show your users how much your server consumes.

Updated 3 weeks ago